Over time teeth can deteriorate and wear down, which not only looks unsightly, but can have a detrimental effect on the bite of the teeth leading to possible further problems and deterioration.

Composite Resin can be used to restore one or more worn-down or damaged teeth. This method is very conservative and non-invasive as no tooth-substance needs to be removed, other than the decay.

Before Treatment

Before worn teeth treatment Tracey, one of our nurses, had suffered for many years with the way her teeth bit together, and also had cracked several teeth. This resulted in her teeth looking much shorter, giving her a smile that she was unhappy with. Her bite had also deteriorated, adding to the excessive wear problems.

After Treatment

After Worn Teeth Treatment Tracey’s bite was corrected at the same time as composite resin was colour-matched and added to her upper and lower teeth to repair the cracked and damaged teeth, which resulted in a restored healthy bite and a great new smile.

The composite material is carefully matched to your existing tooth colour and can be used to build up worn-down teeth, repair damaged teeth and restore a damaged bite whilst dramatically improving the appearance of your smile.

Tracey is very happy to discuss her treatment and show you her lovely smile.

With any elective procedure there may be associated risks but these will be discussed fully with you before the start of any course of treatment.

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