CEREC Primescan® is the very latest technology in digital scanning. It is a highly sophisticated computer-aided system that allows the dentist to assess, design and prepare custom-made ceramic restorations, such as crowns or inlays, whilst you wait and without the need for impressions, temporaries or long waiting times.

Before Restoration

Before Ceramic Restoration Worn, damaged or unsightly ‘black’ amalgam fillings can  be replaced by a ‘Cerec’ restoration, making the tooth look and feel like new again.

After Restoration

After Ceramic Restoration CEREC’s 3D system perfectly shapes a restorative piece out of a tooth-coloured ceramic block. The milling of your filling or crown will be performed in the practice whilst you wait.
  • The all-porcelain restoration is carried out on-site at our practice in a single visit.
  • We can provide inlays for medium to large cavities that have the advantage of being strong, durable and aesthetically pleasing.
  • The restorations are perfectly colour-matched and bonded to existing teeth to significantly improve the life of your teeth.
  • This is an excellent alternative restoration for teeth that might otherwise require crowning.

With any elective procedure there may be associated risks but these will be discussed fully with you before the start of any course of treatment.

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